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Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

Knowledge sharing and reward of excellence to promote sustainability and the climate in the Danish food cluster

Sustainability and the climate are two areas that dominate the Danish food cluster. A carbon-neutral Danish food sector by 2050 and a 70 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases emitted from the food sector by 2030 are visions that require a consistent effort across the entire industry. Through knowledge sharing and reward of excellence, the Danish food cluster is paving the way for a more sustainable and climate-friendly future.

Knowledge-sharing and reward for excellence are among the means to promote sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction, with outstanding efforts recognised and rewarded. They can also help to find solutions to the challenges linked to sustainable and climate-friendly development in the food cluster.

2022: Reward of excellence for the Danish food cluster
Outstanding efforts will be rewarded across the food cluster’s farm to fork value chain. In 2022, Danish farmers, canteens and public kitchens will be recognised with rewards for excellence for their work in the area of sustainability and the climate.

Danish farmers to be honoured with climate and sustainability award
The climate and sustainability award will be given to a farmer who has put in an outstanding effort for the sake of sustainability or the climate at his/her own farm. The award will be made on an annual basis. The award will be based on the progress that a farmer has made within the area of ESG, (Environment, Social, Governance) as well as the inspiration he/she has provided for others. The award will also be based on the farmer being able to document his/her precise carbon emissions by deploying the new climate tool, ESGreenTool, which has been developed by SEGES Innovation.

The award is sponsored by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Forenet Kredit and Nykredit.

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Danish canteens and public kitchens to be awarded for persuading consumers to opt for more sustainable meals
Staff in Danish canteens and public kitchens will be rewarded for their efforts to create food experiences that consumers will remember and return to. The award winners will be selected on the basis of excellent raw materials and strong service with sustainability, innovation and global goals being the prime focus.