News article, 27. November 2023

Danish pig industry: the latest trends and figures

We’re delighted to share the latest updates from the Danish pig industry, especially as 2022 reveals some interesting trends.

Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council

The recently published statistics for the Danish pig industry reveal a nuanced presentation of the state of the industry in 2022. The graphs and figures, which span various aspects of the sector, provide an insight into current developments.

Despite the challenges in the industry, there was a rise in productivity for the year under review. This coincides with the price for Danish pigs increasing from DKK 10.15 per kg in 2021 to DKK 11.38 per kg in 2022.

Source: SEGES Pig Research Centre

The graphs give an insight into the development of the Danish pig industry from 2012 to 2022 and include figures and graphs for the following:

  • Number of pig farms
  • Danish pig population
  • Production
  • Slaughtering
  • Carcase weight
  • Export of live pigs
  • Export of pig meat
  • Price development
  • Productivity

Read more here for further information and updated graphs for 2022.

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