News article, 30. September 2021

Report: an insight into Danish pig meat production in 2020

The Annual Report on Danish pig meat production in 2020 has just been published. Read more about the annual statistics here.

Despite the pandemic, the recently published 2020 Annual Report shows that pig production in the Danish agricultural sector increased to 32.6 million pigs per year in 2020. This means that following a decline in pig production in 2019, Danish pig meat production in 2020 returned to 2018 levels.

Increase in Danish pig slaughterings

The Danish pig population increased to 13.2 million pigs in 2020, which is the largest Danish pig population in 10 years. 17.5 million pigs were slaughtered in 2020, which is why Danish pig slaughterings increased in 2020 compared to the previous year.

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Forecast: more pigs will be sent for slaughter in 2021

The latest forecast is for Danish slaughterings to continue to increase in 2021 as compared to last year.

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Pig meat exports account for 21.7 per cent of the food cluster’s total exports

Pig meat exports have grown in recent years. Between 2019 and 2020, pig meat exports increased by 6.5 per cent and totalled DKK 35,798 million in 2020. Pig meat exports in 2020 accounted for 21.7 per cent of the Danish food cluster’s total exports.

Statistics 2020: an insight into the development of Danish pig meat

The 2020 Annual Report on Danish pig meat production is available by clicking on the link below. The statistics provide an overview of the Danish pig population and production, price settlements throughout the year, the Danish pig trading markets, etc.

Read the full annual report here