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WRI report highlights the importance of agriculture

The new report from the WRI (World Resources Institute) published in May 2021, follows up on a previous report and focuses on how we can effectively achieve climate goals in agriculture.

Consumer trends in the aftermath of Covid

COVID-19 has triggered new consumer patterns. Health, self-indulgence and safety have come to the forefront of consumers’ minds during the pandemic. Moreover, in the aftermath of Covid it seems that health will continue to be a matter of concern while the climate and sustainability will become important issues. What will consumer attitudes to pork and pig meat be in the coming years?

Pig production contributes to sustainable technologies of the future

Is there climate potential in pig slurry? SkyClean is a piece of ground-breaking technology which, through a process known as pyrolysis (thermal decomposition of residual fibres from biogas plants and waste straw) can halve agriculture’s climate gas emissions. The technology can also supply fuel to the aviation industry.

Disease control is the top priority

Efficient disease control is based on high standards of hygiene. Denmark is doing a great deal to ensure that infectious animal diseases like African Swine Fever do not enter the country.

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