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What is the outlook for 2022 for the Danish pig sector with the pandemic still a presence in our lives?

Despite another Covid surge in Denmark and the resulting restrictions, the Danish food industry has continued to supply food products to stores across Denmark and to customers across the globe. But how has Danish pig meat production kept the wheels turning? And what is the outlook for production in 2022?

Analysis: The Danish foodservice sector is still the food market of the future despite the Covid-19 slowdown

In line with countries across the world, the Danish foodservice sector experienced a marked decline in revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, the lockdown has presented opportunities for attracting customers, with the result that the sector is expected to return to previous levels by 2023. This is shown in an analysis recently carried out by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

Danish pig production takes part in international webinar on farrowing pens for loose-housed sows

SEGES Innovation shared knowledge and experience when Pig Progress held an international webinar on loose-housed nursing sows in December. Denmark is recognised for its research in the field, and in the light of future political requirements it is an area of particular interest to Danish pig production.

New Danish trial: regular slurry discharge can reduce the carbon footprint of Danish production

A trial carried out by SEGES Innovation shows that there is a 35% reduction in methane emissions from slurry after a finisher producer started to discharge slurry every week instead of every fifth week.

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