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Sustainable pig meat – more for less

Efficient breeding work, new insights into optimum feed composition and improved health and production conditions have increased productivity in Danish pig production. The production of more pig meat for less environmental impact lies at the heart of the climate vision for Denmark’s pig meat production.

Danish agriculture’s digital climate tool

ESGreen Tool. This is the name of the tool designed to calculate the carbon footprint of farms in Denmark and will support farmers’ future climate initiative choices.

Danish Agriculture & Food Council appoints new CEO

Merete Juhl will take up the position as the Danish Agriculture & Food Council’s new CEO with effect from 1 August 2022.

Survey reveals the Danes’ preferred barbeque food

Summer is just around the corner. For 70 per cent of Danish consumers, this means that the barbecue is lit more often. But what are the main features on the Danes’ barbecue menu? A survey from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council reveals everything you need to know about Danish barbecue habits.

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