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New climate gains for Danish pig production

Danish pig producers are committed to reducing CO2 emissions from pig housing units. A new tool from SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre is helping to pave the way.

SkyClean significantly reduces climate impact

SkyClean is a technology with the potential to halve agriculture’s climate footprint and make aviation fuel climate neutral. A new report shows that SkyClean is likely to be less expensive compared to other climate technologies with similar potential.

Farmers of the Future 2021 announced

The three candidates for the award of Farmers of the Future 2021 have been selected in the following categories: sustainability, sales, and technology.

The taste of sustainable pork

Is it possible to discern the taste of sustainably fed pigs? The Danish research project, SuperGrassPork, spearheaded by SEGES, studied whether different levels of biorefined grass protein in feed mixes impact a pig’s growth and meat quality.

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