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Pig Congress 2023: the future of Danish pig production

The main themes at this year’s Herning pig conference held on 24-25 October were preparing the next generation and the future of Danish pig production.

Danish Crown will make adjustments and focus on processing

The market for Danish pigs has changed rapidly. In order to increase its competitive power, Danish Crown will, for example, implement an action programme to reduce costs and at the same time focus on marketing bacon in Great Britain and on entering the Californian market that has now introduced requirements for higher animal welfare.

Blood fraction: Scalable upcycling with valuable properties

New research is developing a process for upcycling blood from Danish finisher production. The result is a white powder with valuable nutritional and flavour enhancing properties.

Danish pigs remain among the global elite

Productivity and cheaper feed make Denmark one of the countries with the lowest production costs in Europe – despite higher prices and higher wages.

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