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Timeline: Additional Danish welfare requirements for more than 20 years

Animal welfare will also be high on the agenda in 2020. It is an issue that concerns consumers, politicians and, of course, the industry itself. In Europe, initiatives are continually being launched – and solutions found – to create even higher welfare standards. In Denmark, too, the long-term focus has been on improving animal welfare. This has been supported by many initiatives from politicians and the Danish pig industry in general. Check out the timeline for an overview of the initiatives that exceed EU requirements.

The New York Times turns its spotlight on Danish pig production

Export of knowhow to China

The knowledge and knowhow that Danish agriculture has built up over the years is so interesting to other countries’ agricultural and food sectors that it has now become an export commodity. A Chinese university wants to deploy the Danish model for knowledge development and agricultural innovation. The university and SEGES, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, recently established a formal cooperation agreement whereby SEGES will provide knowledge and training for farmers, advisers, students and Chinese officials.

Statistics: more about the Danish meat industry

The latest statistics for Denmark’s pig production will give you an insight into the number of herds, slaughterings, exports etc. The statistic is available here.

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