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Highlights from this year’s Pig Congress 2021

This year’s Danish Pig Congress offered many presentations on topics ranging from sustainability in pig production, future food production, research into feeding methods for market development and an overview of the financial position of Danish pig producers over the past year.

Pig industry signs up to new vision for Danish pig production

Danish Agriculture & Food Council Pig Production, Danish Pig Producers and Danske Svineslagterier have agreed on a new sustainable vision for Danish pig production by 2050.

Latest results: 'luxury' feeding may prove competitive in pig production

During this year’s pig congress in Herning, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre published the latest research results on ad libitum feeding, so-called 'luxury feeding' of pigs. The results are ground-breaking.

Innovation Centre ready to maintain and strengthen Danish organic food production

Denmark is intent on continuing its efforts to be a pioneering country for organic agricultural production. As world champions in organic food consumption and with a growing number of organic full-time farms, Danish organic production is thriving. And with the opening of an organic innovation centre, Denmark is set to deliver more solutions for the continued evolution of organic agricultural production.

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