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Danish agriculture among the most climate-efficient

Denmark has taken up the fight against climate change. An international report compiled by the World Resources Institute reveals that Denmark’s pig and dairy industries have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world. This marks another important step towards a climate neutral Danish food cluster by 2050.

Climate task force to reduce the global food industry’s carbon footprint

Achieving a better climate means that we need to think globally. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council has therefore set up a Global Climate Task Force to develop initiatives to minimise greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. The Global Climate Task Force comprises representatives who are leaders in delivering climate solutions in the Danish food sector.

New climate gains for Danish pig production

A climate tool is helping to pave the way for more sustainable pig production. By calculating the carbon footprint of pig feed, the tool helps pig producers reduce CO2 emissions from production.

Vaccine to replace medicinal zinc developed alongside the COVID-19 vaccine

In close collaboration with Copenhagen University, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre is currently working on a vaccine designed to further reduce antibiotic consumption and make the use of medicinal zinc unnecessary in the weaning of pigs.

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