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Denmark to host international Climate Conference 2022

An international climate conference will be held in Denmark on September 8 and 9, 2022. A Danish initiative, the conference will bring together professionals and stakeholders within the food cluster from around the world. The aim is to gain new knowledge and inspire the food industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change is the great challenge of our time and identifying the most efficient ways to emit fewer greenhouse gases from agricultural and food production is needed. The challenge is global, and although the solutions may be local in nature, compiling and sharing international research and results is necessary to be able to work faster, more purposefully and efficiently.

Danish initiative behind climate conference
For these reasons, in 2021, the knowledge centre, SEGES Innovation, together with Danish universities and companies, is organising an international climate conference, Agri-Food & Science Circle 2022, to be held on September 8-9, 2022, in Copenhagen.

This will be the first conference to bring together players in the agricultural and food industry - scientists, experts, and companies - to focus on how to meet the major challenges and to share knowledge, research, and results in the search for climate solutions.

Climate discussion based on eight main topics
The agenda for the international climate conference includes eight main topics covering food systems and new initiatives for the green transition in animal, plant-based and biotechnological food production. A consumer perspective - the consumer's influence on food systems - is also highlighted.

Registration and programme
To register for the international Agri & Food Science Circle on September 8-9, 2022, go to the following link:

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