Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council

To the left: Jesper Buch. In the middle: Erik Larsen. To the right: Asger Krogsgaard. Source: SEGES

Pig industry signs up to new vision for Danish pig production

Danish Agriculture & Food Council Pig Production, Danish Pig Producers and Danske Svineslagterier have agreed on a new sustainable vision for Danish pig production by 2050.

By 2050, Denmark and Denmark’s national pig production will be carbon neutral. This is a now well-established target, but a new vision clearly sets out the extent of the ambitions. Danish pig production seeks to be an even more important player in the green transition and to ensure that Danish solutions have an increasingly important role to play beyond Denmark’s borders.

At this year’s Herning Pig Congress, the three parties signed up to a vision, which is expected to be presented within the coming month. The Chairman of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Pig Production, Erik Larsen, welcomes the initiative:

"I’m pleased that we stand united as an industry and have drawn up a vision for the future of pig production. Danish pig production is a key player in a green, circular economy and the global food supply. We will succeed in our aims by virtue of a production which is global-leading in terms of sustainability, biosecurity, health status, animal welfare and the strength of our innovation. Our vision encompasses all of these things, which is what makes us an attractive industry.

"This is no easy task that we have set ourselves. But this is precisely why we must be the ones to take the lead in ensuring that Danish pig production remains a success, and this also means in 2050. I want to guarantee the realisation of our ambitious goals.”

Future production
Jeppe Bloch, Chairman of the National Association of Danish Pig Producers, welcomes the open communication and the responsiveness to the National Association’s key issues, which are shared by the two other parties in the negotiations.

"From the perspective of the pig farm, it’s important for me to see that Danish pig producers are still at the forefront of developments and continue to be a role model for our competitors across the world – as we have been for decades. Danish consumers and our global customers have increasingly high expectations about Danish food production. I believe that our new vision will mean that the coming generations – both inside and outside the industry can continue to take pride in Danish pig production,” says Jeppe Bloch.

Research and Development are the way forward
Asger Krogsgaard, Chairman of Danske Svineslagterier, believes that development in the industry is crucial to remaining attractive to consumers.

"Danish pigs are currently in demand across the world because of their quality and our high standard of food safety that we have accomplished over the years. But it’s important that we get research, development and innovation projects underway in order to put us ahead of our competitors abroad. For example, such projects could ensure a significant impact on the climate or the environment and would show the world how well projects like this could be executed. We must be ready for the future and continue to be an attractive business, which has a significant position in Danish industry and provides jobs.”

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