Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Climate task force to reduce the global food industry’s carbon footprint

Achieving a better climate means that we need to think globally. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council has therefore set up a Global Climate Task Force to develop initiatives to minimise greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. The Global Climate Task Force comprises representatives who are leaders in delivering climate solutions in the Danish food sector.

The Danish food cluster wishes to be at the forefront of the climate campaign. In collaboration with the sector, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, has set a national reduction target of 70% less greenhouse gas emissions in the food sector before 2030.

Global Climate Task Force to deliver sustainability and climate solutions
The Climate Task Force is tasked with providing climate solutions based on specific initiatives. That said, the Danish food cluster already delivers global climate solutions: Danish breeding material, for instance, contributes to a reduction in emissions from the global pig population.

Danish technology and know-how to contribute to carbon reduction
"Technologies, products and know-how from the Danish food cluster are of significant importance in reducing emissions from food production across the world. With a narrow domestic focus, this importance is overlooked and we risk that we simply transfer the emissions to other countries. With a global focus we can make a significant difference to the climate in global terms,” says Anne Lawaetz Arhnung, CEO, Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

"Of course,” she continues, "we need to reduce our emissions in Denmark. But there is a need for greater political prioritisation of global climate efforts in addition to our national reduction target of 70 per cent by 2030. The Danish food cluster remains committed to being part of the solution to the climate challenge both nationally and globally.”

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
With more Danish climate solutions on the table, Denmark can continue to make a worldwide difference to the climate account. Therefore, the new global Climate Task Force is an opportunity for the Danish authorities to strengthen their commitment to development, growth in Danish exports and carbon reduction.

Recommendations for policy initiatives and development opportunities
The newly established Global Climate Council is beginning the work that will lead to recommendations such as tangible policy initiatives and development opportunities. The global Climate Task Force is expected to complete its work this summer.

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