Danish pig production with its large export of live pigs and pork has placed great emphasis on hygiene and disease prevention since being disease-free is an important condition for maintaining the export.

Danish pig production is characterised by a high hygiene level and great emphasis on avoiding the dissemination of disease. Three fourths of Danish pigs are born in pig populations linked to the SPF system. This entails that a number of disease prevention rules must be followed and that you can only use transport of pigs that is approved for transport of SPF pigs.

In addition, the vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected before transporting pigs and must follow applicable quarantine regulations. Vehicles that have been abroad with pigs and are coming back to Denmark must be cleaned and disinfected and are also checked and cleaned on the outside as well as disinfected once again on the inside in cleaning stations at the border. Only vehicles that are able to produce a valid cleaning certificate are allowed to collect pigs from Danish pig populations. This way we avoid undesired diseases in Denmark.

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