Preventive measures against African swine fever

For some years, the Danish pig industry has been subject to meticulous control of the lorries that transport suckling pigs and breeding pigs exported to other countries in Europe. The purpose of the control measures is to minimise the risk of infectious diseases, for example African swine fever that may be transmitted to wild boars as well as domestic pigs.

The transport of pigs necessitates border controls. Therefore, SEGES, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, has among other things entered into a separate agreement with threestations for cleaning and disinfection at the Danish border. There are also strict rules for transport of animals.

The transport rules cover how to ensure responsible transport of pigs between different counties. The Danish pig industry follows the development of African swine fever closely.The DANISH Transport Standardcontains, for example, the division of Europe into different zones with a description of what the rules are for transports to and from different counties with e.g. different quarantine times.

The information is updated on an ongoing basis by SEGES which is the knowledge and innovation centre of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Read more about the different zones and the applicable quarantine times on the website of SEGES.