In Denmark, only Danish pigs of Danish origin are slaughtered. At the same time, there is a comprehensive control system ensuring 100% traceability for the individual pigs – both when they are moved between pig populations and when they are slaughtered.

In Denmark, there is extensive registration, marking and documentation in the entire pork production. The purpose of this is to ensure that Danish pork always has the highest possible food safety. Among other things it is ensured that the meat is Danish and comes from healthy animals and that the meat is free from food safety-related risks.

All Danish farms with livestock production have a unique CHR number in the Danish Central Livestock Register administered by the authorities. When a pig is moved from one population to another or is delivered to the abattoir, it is a statutory requirement to inform the move to the database for moving of pigs. In this way you will be able to trace all animals back to the original population. On the day of slaughtering, all pigs are marked in order for them to be identified at the abattoir.

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