Meat control

The official veterinary inspection examines and checks all carcasses, entrails and organs after slaughtering. This control ensures that the pork comes from healthy animals. At the same time, the result is sent to the farmers who therefore receive quick information about any diseases thereby enabling them to prevent the problem at an early stage.

The control after slaughtering consists of an inspection of the pig carcass and the organs. This control ensures that only healthy parts from healthy animals are approved for consumption. The control also includes spot checking for undesired residues in the meat of e.g. drug residues, illegal hormones, pesticides and heavy metals.

Meat and parts of slaughtered pigs that are classified as unsuitable for human consumption must not get into contact with meat that is approved for human consumption but must be discarded and sent for destruction.

The pig producers can use the result from the control for preventive measures
The result of the meat control is sent to the farmers together with the payment.

The official veterinary inspection of slaughtered pigs (meat control) is made in accordance with the rules of the Regulation for products of animal origin (854/2004/EC).