Before pigs are delivered for slaughtering, they are marked with a number on the hind part. This way, the abattoir can always identify the farm unit from where the pig originates.

Before the slaughter pigs leave the pig producer for the abattoir, all pigs are marked with a five-digit supplier number on each ham. The number makes it possible for the abattoir to identify the supplier. The abattoirs only accept slaughter pigs directly from the producers.

Some pig producers are allowed to supply in groups. This means that they can send entire loads to the abattoir without individual marking. There are certain requirements for group delivery in order to ensure trackability.

The transport from the producer to the abattoir is coordinated by the abattoir that also enters into contracts with each individual carrier for the transport. During the transport, the carrier must bring information about the place of collection, the destination and the owners of the animals.

This ensures trackability at the abattoir
At the abattoir, the ID number of the gambrel is automatically registered and the supplier number is linked to this ID number. Both numbers are saved as interlinked in the computer. This way, each pig can be traced back to the individual pig producer.