Information about the food chain

Under European legislation all pig producers who send pigs for slaughtering must provide information about the pigs. This will ensure that the abattoir will always know where the pig comes from and that it is healthy.

Before the owners of the population deliver the animals for slaughtering, they must provide information about the food chain to the abattoir. Since these are EU rules (Regulation 853/2004 EU’s hygiene rules for products of animal origin), information about the food chain must also be provided when animals are sent for slaughtering in other EU countries.

The information about the food chain includes

  • Name and address of the owner of the population
  • The population’s CHR number (The Central Livestock Register)
  • Information about the health of the animals
  • Information about whether the quarantine period for slaughtering and medical treatment has been followed

Information about the food chain must be provided before each delivery of animals to be slaughtered and this applies to pigs, cattle, goats, sheep and horses.

The information will help the abattoir to adjust the slaughtering and will help the veterinarian to determine which inspections are required.

The farmer may provide the information online
For the delivery of e.g. pigs, the information about the food chain can be provided in a standardised paper form that follows the animals to the abattoir or electronically on or www.landmand.dkOn the website, the owner of the pig population is guided through a number of questions and options in order to ensure that he only states information relevant to the species of animals for slaughtering. The solution is designed so that animals cannot be reported for slaughtering without the provision of relevant information about the food chain.