Instruction in hygiene

In order to guarantee that food products are safe for the consumers, strict EU rules apply for all employees at food business operators. All employees who handle food products must therefore be trained and instructed in food hygiene and in Denmark, this takes place through participation in an all-day course.

Managers of all food business operators must ensure that all individuals who handle food products are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene in reasonable relation to the work performed by the individual. This follows from the EU’s regulation on food hygiene (852/2004).

Managers of food business operators must also ensure that individuals responsible for the development and implementation of the operator’s HACCP-based procedures are sufficiently educated.

Target groups for training
All newly employed employees in the production must participate in an all-day course in hygiene.
In addition, a three-day HACCP course is held for the members of the HACCP group.

The purpose of the hygiene course
For the employee to be able to:

  • Comply with the hygiene rules of the food business operator
  • Show good personal hygiene
  • Use clean work clothes and tools
  • Have good knowledge and understanding of the occurrence and growing conditions of bacteria
  • Show correct behaviour in order to avoid biological, chemical and physical contamination

The purpose of the HACCP course
For the employee to be able to:

  • Identify physical, chemical and microbiological sources for contamination in industrial food production and evaluate the risk of the sources and their consequences in relation to the actual food production.
  • Be familiar with the HACCP system's principles and thereby contribute to the implementation of the HACCP system according to the EU’s and Denmark’s legislation as well as customer demands in the food product area.

Summary of training

  • A targeted hygiene training programme for all employees at the operator who are handling food products will ensure optimum production hygiene and product quality.
  • A targeted HACCP course for employees in the operator’s HACCP team ensures a strong focus on and a good basis for ongoing improvements of the food safety.