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Pork dish of the year 2020

Five chefs from leading restaurants in Denmark took part in the contest to win ’Pork Dish of the Year 2020’. Daniel McBurnie from Restaurant Lyst in Vejle, in South-East Jutland, was declared the winner of the prestigious award. McBurnie’s winning pork dish – which is based on matured fillet of pork cut into large, thick chops – was voted a great taste experience by the jury.

The competition aims to inspire chefs and consumers to explore the potential of Danish pork as a raw material. Every year, the competition attracts the elite among the Danish gastronomic community and chefs who love pork. By demonstrating the variety of ways in which pork can be enjoyed and its high gastronomic qualities, more consumers and chefs will be inspired to experience pork for themselves.

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It was a tough contest between some of the country’s best restaurants. The five nominated chefs presented the jury with their ideas of what represented an innovative pork dish, including new taste combinations and new cuts of pork. In the end, the winner of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council’s annual prize was Restaurant Lyst in Vejle headed up by Chef Daniel McBurnie, who was delighted to receive the award and the accompanying cheque of DKK 30,000. The presentation was made virtually by Anne Lawaetz Arhnung, CEO of Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

As this was the first time for Daniel McBurnie to take part in a competition, he had not expected to win.

"I’m enormously proud to have won – on my own behalf and that of my talented colleagues at Lyst. As there was an enormously strong field of candidates this year, with many great chefs and restaurants taking part, I didn’t dare hope to win. The whole team is very honoured and grateful,” said the proud chef.

Winner: Chef Daniel McBurnie at Restaurant Lyst in Vejle (Photo: Rasmus Palsgård)

A great taste experience
The jury described the winning dish – matured fillet of pork cut into large, thick chops with two side dishes – as a ’great taste experience’.

Helle Brønnum Carlsen, a member of the jury, has no doubt that Lyst is the rightful winner of the Pork Dish of 2020 award.

"The award went to Restaurant Lyst because the dish combines the best characteristics of pork in a particularly tasty way - with the essence of umami – and expressed in a small charcoal-grilled piece of belly and excellently cooked slices from the chop. The composition puts the pork in its proper element, with sweetcorn and trumpet mushrooms: one can almost sense the pig’s snout in the ground. Everything is extremely well-balanced, with a 'use it all' concept reflected in the brioches where pig fat is used instead of butter. Three small compositions that not only complement each other but are integrated into one dish with a great taste experience,” says Helle Brønnum Carlsen, jury member and Whiteguide reviewer.

’Pork Dish of the Year 2020’ was held for the eighth time by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council supported by the Norma and Frode S. Jacobsen’s Foundation. This year, due to Covid-19, the competition was rather different. Instead of the competition being held at a specific venue on a specific day, the jury travelled from venue to venue to taste the five nominated pork dishes prepared by chefs in their own kitchens. Voting then took place. 


Restaurant Lyst wins the Pork Dish of the Year award (

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