Substantial subsidies for more environmental housing

Danish farmers are showing great interest in building environmental-friendly housing units, which will benefit the climate. Subsidies to support upgrading projects have been tripled, which means that is now possible to assist many more farmers equip livestock housing throughout Denmark with green technology. The amount granted in 2020 was around £60 million.

Following many applications for support for new, environmental-friendly cattle and pig housing units, the Danish Agricultural Agency has decided to grant a further £36 million to the cause. The original funding, which amounted to £10 million for each sector, now amounts to around £30 million for upgrading livestock housing.

"The additional funds represent a significant public contribution towards less ammonia and methane emissions per produced animal. By building or extending new housing, farmers are helping the environment and getting upgraded facilities in the process,” says Mads Kolte-Olsen from the Danish Agricultural Agency.

The processing of applications is now underway and with the extra funds, we expect that over half the farmers who are interested can look forward to receiving funding commitment. The funds will be apportioned so that projects with the greatest environmental impact will be awarded funding first.