Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Seasonal fluctuations in meat consumption

DENMARK: We have asked the market research institute, GFK, to look into the seasonal fluctuations in Danes’ meat consumption. The report has revealed the impact of the calendar on meat consumption across various proteins.

Several categories stand out by having a significantly higher consumption at different times of the year. Pig meat is generally most popular in Q4, which is probably because of Christmas and all the traditions associated with it. Plant-based alternatives take a leading position in Q1 which is when consumers are assumed to be more open to alternatives and need something different after a period with slightly heavier food.

Chicken is not particularly in demand in Q4. On the other hand, it experiences a significant upturn in Q1 when – as with plant-based alternatives – consumers are looking for a slightly lighter option.

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The strongest propensity towards ready meals is in Q4, but the category is also popular among Danish consumers in Q1. This probably reflects the fact that Q4 is a busy time of year while in the first months of the year, consumers do not have the surplus energy to prepare home cooked meals.

There are no major demographic fluctuations in terms of who are the drivers behind the respective quarters.