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New campaign for animal welfare label

Under the slogan, "Something to think about” the campaign has just been launched. Targeted at consumers, the campaign aims to increase awareness of the government-backed animal welfare label that was launched in 2017 and can now be found on pork, chicken, beef, veal and dairy products.

For many years, the industry has been involved in a great many animal welfare initiatives - not just to raise standards, but also to ensure that consumers remain informed. With the new "Something to think about” campaign, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council is demonstrating its support of the government-backed animal welfare label.

The purpose of the campaign is to boost awareness of the animal welfare label so that consumers can navigate their way around the products on offer and see the value of paying a little more for even better animal welfare.

The initiative goes hand-in-hand with the publicity being conducted by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, food companies, and other partners behind the label, which will be visible on a large number of platforms.

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What do consumers pay extra for?
When consumers buy products carrying the animal welfare label, this is because they wish to support farmers who go the extra mile for animal welfare.

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Facts about the animal welfare label
In 2017, Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food launched the government-backed animal welfare label - initially for pork and then for chicken. Now the label is also found on beef and veal as well as milk and other dairy products.

The animal welfare label – also known as ’Better welfare’ and the ‘heart label’ – is the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food’s official animal welfare label. It is based on three tiers – the greater the number of green hearts, the higher the level of animal welfare. Products carrying the label support farmers who go the extra mile for animal welfare. This does not mean that products without the label have a low welfare standard. Danish farmers have a generally high level of animal welfare and in many respects exceed EU requirements.

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Partners for better animal welfare
The label was developed by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and is supported by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Danish Crown, Arla, and other food companies, the Animal Welfare Organisations’ Co-operation Group (DOSO), the employer and industry organisation DI (Food), the Danish Master Butchers’ Association and several supermarket chains. 

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