2020 – A year of development despite the challenges

The Danish agriculture and food sector has a goal to be carbon neutral by 2050. As a joint effort is required to achieve this ambitious goal, the industry launched a range of important sustainability projects in 2020.

The start of the year saw the opening of SEGES’s "Centre for Climate and Sustainability”. The centre will assist farmers, agriculture and the food sector to develop sustainable production and to reduce their carbon footprint. 2020 was also the year when the Danish Agriculture and Food Council adopted a new soya policy, whereby, from 2025, all soya sourced for feed in Danish agriculture must be responsibly produced, third-party verified and deforestation-free.

According to experts, algae production may become the protein source of the future and replace imported soya. The so-called ReMAPP project (Resource Efficient Microalgae Protein Production project) was therefore launched in 2020. The algae are supplied with CO2 and nutrients from the biogas industry’s side-streams. The project is supported by the Innovation Fund and is expected to produce proteins from algae with up to ten times less land use than is required for conventional feed crops.

Another sustainable initiative in 2020 is SEGES Innovation Centre. SEGES and Organic Denmark have joined forces in the development of the agricultural tool of the future – a digital tool – that farmers can use to calculate their farms’ carbon footprint. When developed, it will show specific ways in which agriculture’s carbon footprint can be reduced.

The Corona pandemic has, of course, impacted the entire industry and has presented many involved in the agriculture and food sector with significant challenges. Meat prices have fluctuated as a result of both Covid-19 and African Swine Fever outside Denmark’s borders.

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