Picture: SEGES

Picture: SEGES

Climate-friendly pigs: 'Good Pig' shows the way

The Pig Congress gave Jonas Würtz Midtgård the opportunity to discuss his sustainability work. The venture is part of the changes being made to contribute to a climate neutral Danish food sector by 2050.

Pig Producer Jonas Würtz Midtgård is joint owner of the 'Good Pig' business and supplies to Danish Crown, which launched the 'Climate Track' project in 2019. The aim is to reduce climate impact by 50 per cent in 2030 and the vision is to produce meat that is completely climate neutral in 2050.

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This year, Jonas began the journey towards his farm’s climate certification. This is based on setting specific goals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as they relate both to the pig and the farm’s overall carbon footprint. Examples include the use of biogas and efficient fertilisation.

The 'Good Pig' business is based at several farms in Denmark. Jonas’s farm is located in Evasminde, near Horsens in Jutland. He has 1,000 sows that are loose-housed during their gestation period. 60 per cent of the farrowing pens are for loose-housed sows.

Jonas is committed to having sustainable and qualitative solutions that deliver high quality pig breeding. At Good-Pig, they have built their own feed mill to mix their own feed. This means that they have a complete overview of the feed composition and management for their pigs. In total, the Good-Pig enterprise has 600 hectares of land, which makes it 80 per cent self-sufficient.