Antibiotics: Danish pig production singled out as international role model

Danish pig production is singled out by the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation as a role model when it comes to reducing antibiotic consumption and addressing the challenges of resistant bacteria.

"The report is a retrospective tribute to all those who had the foresight to make significant changes to ensure consumer protection…..implementing changes in behaviour for greatest impact.”

This is an extract from the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation’s recently published report "Tackling Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Pig Production. Lessons Learned in Denmark”. Among other things, the report points out that Danish pig producers have succeeded in reducing antibiotic consumption year after year.

"This is an enormous tribute to the efforts of our farmers and veterinarians who continue to deliver some great results on behalf of Danish pig production,” says Erik Larsen, Chairman, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Pig Production.

"We are constantly challenging ourselves, and I hope we can inspire some of our international colleagues to do the same. Resistance is a global issue, which requires a global response. The report is, therefore, a call to other countries,” adds Erik Larsen.

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The reports also highlights Danish farmers’ focus on biosecurity, the ability to prevent disease and the industry’s unique health system, the so-called SPF system. Other important factors are the advice on disease prevention offered by practising veterinarians, the Yellow Card scheme, and the industry’s voluntary phasing out of antibiotics that are crucial for human health.

Yellow Card scheme: Read more about the Danish Yellow Card scheme

Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Statens Serum Institut, DTU, The Danish Veterinary Association and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council all contributed to the report.

Read the full report here.

For more information, please contact Trine Vig Tamstorf, Senior Consultant, Danish Agriculture and Food Council,