Organic sales are on the rise

2018 saw another year-on-year rise in sales of organic products in Denmark – particularly fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs.

According to Statistics Denmark, last year sales rose by 14 per cent and organic sales totaled DKK 12.9 billion compared to DKK 11.3 billion last year. The increase was underpinned by sales of organic fruit and vegetables, which amounted to 38 per cent of the total increase in 2018.

The share of the retail organic market was 12 per cent in 2018.

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If the figures also include the development in sales of organic products at markets, farm shops and in the foodservice sector, organic sales totaled around DKK 15.8 billion in 2018.

In addition to fruit and vegetables, sales of organic meat and eggs also increased. According to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, sales of organic meat are now worth more than DKK 1 billion while sales of organic chicken increased last year by 30 per cent. Sales of organic eggs increased by 9 per cent.

“The Danish Agriculture and Food Council is delighted with these figures. They prove that Danish farmers can once again adapt to what consumers want; irrespective of what type of production consumers demand. It is precisely this adaptability that is one of Danish agriculture’s major strengths,” says Kirsten Lund Jensen, Head of the Organic Sector at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

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