Foto: Trine Lomholt Bruun

Foto: Trine Lomholt Bruun

Key food trends in 2018

A more rounded focus on health, particularly on balance, and a curiosity about new ways of combining food are some of the trends we can expect to see in 2018. Sustainability and circumspection will continue to play a part in consumers’ decision-making.

Health, transparency and sustainability are key "megatrends”.  Some of the most important trends that will define consumption in 2018 will be borne by established criteria such as health, transparency, 'foodiness', sustainability and short-cuts to good food.  

  • Health is an overriding wish among global consumers driven by an ageing population and the prevalence of 'lifestyle' diseases. How ’health’ is interpreted, however, can vary from person to person, especially in terms of which food and consumption patterns contribute to health and which do not. Consumers go their own way in their search for a healthy life and use the internet, for example, for individual solutions.
  • Sustainability is here to stay and stems from consumer concerns about the state of the world. As with health, the wish for sustainability impacts all food categories and is at the basis of a number of key food trends. How sustainability is interpreted and applied, however, is very different.
  • Short-cuts and making the most of time is a megatrend, which arises from a busy lifestyle and the difficulty of finding a balance between work and leisure time. Within the food area, this megatrend can be translated into 'convenience’ or ’short-cuts to good food’. Consumers across the world are looking for solutions where time spent on preparation and cooking is short or reduced in favour of fast and easy food.
  • Transparency is a megatrend that influences demand for consumer goods in large parts of the world. Consumers are bombarded with information about food that may seem contradictory and confusing. At the same time, food scandals regularly cast doubt on the safety and quality of food. Consumers, therefore, want to know the content and origin of the food they eat.
  • Foodiness is a megatrend that characterises today’s consumers. They have become more engaged and interested in food and in cooking. For many consumers, food is a way to new experiences.  


About the analysis:

The consumer and food trends analysis for 2018 is based on several sources and surveys. Through qualitative and quantitative surveys of Danes in 2015-2017, we looked at what attitudes and behaviour are shared by trendsetters.At the same time, our analysis of trends for 2018 is based on insight from GfK ConsumerScan reports that draw their conclusions from data collected from a panel of 3000 representatively selected consumers that regularly report on what they buy. Last but not least, we base our analysis on sources such as Innova Market Insights, Euromonitor International and Mintel which, in their trend reports, keep track on demographic developments, imports and exports and product launches globally and in different regions.