The Danish Agriculture and Food Council

Landbrug & Fødevarer, known as the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC), is a trade organisation that represents the farming and food industry of Denmark. This includes farmers, food businesses and allied organisations, as well as trade associations.

Agriculture and food are Denmark’s largest industry grouping, employing some 186,000 people, and whose food, agricultural and related products account for around 25% of the country’s exports, worth around € 22 billion per annum.

The DAFC was established in 2009 by the merger of five organisations: Danish Agriculture, the Danish Bacon and Meat Council, the Danish Agricultural Council, the Danish Dairy Board and Danish Pig Production.

The primary role of the DAFC organisation is to promote the interests of its members and to provide them with a comprehensive range of services. DAFC is also responsible for managing a major research and development programme in areas, such as food safety and veterinary issues, animal health and productivity, animal welfare, environment and energy.

DAFC owns the SEGES organisation, which is the research and innovation centre for the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, and is responsible for the management of the SEGES Pig Research Centre.

For more information on the DAFC in Denmark, including its organisation and membership, visit this link.

Statistical information on Denmark’s farming and food industry is available in an annual publication ‘Facts and Figures – Danish Agriculture and Food’. The 2018 report can be downloaded from this link.