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About cookies
Cookies are small data files that websites store on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to recognise the computer next time you visit the site. A cookie is not a programme and does not contain viruses.  

Use of cookies
Here are some important facts about the use of cookies on our website:

  • No personal information is collected in our cookies;
  • The purpose of cookies is to improve the website’s user-friendliness and for statistics;
  • We use two types of cookies.
    • ’Session cookies’ that are activated when you log-in or if you switch from a mobile device to a PC keyboard. They are automatically erased when the browser is closed. 
    • ’Persistent (third party) cookies’ comprise Google Analytics (for statistics) and Add-this (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). Persistent cookies expire within a defined period of time.

How to prevent or remove cookies

By visiting and using the Danish Agriculture and Food Council’s websites, users accept that cookies are stored for the purposes mentioned above. If users wish to prevent these cookies, the best solution is to avoid using these websites.

Alternatively, users can block individual cookies from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council’s websites using their browser settings. The Danish Agriculture and Food Council, however, does not recommend this solution since it may mean some websites do not work properly.  

Users can disable cookies from websites at any time.

Blocking and disabling cookies depend on the user’s browser and the device used for visiting the websites.

With a number of newer PC browsers, cookies can be disabled by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE simultaneously. If this shortcut fails to work, the user can follow the instructions in the following links depending on the browser being used:


Links to other websites
Our website contains links to information on other websites:  

With regard to websites over which we have no control, we cannot be responsible for protecting any personal information you provide while visiting these other sites. These other websites are not subject to this privacy policy and if you have any questions about how a website uses your information, please check the website’s privacy policy.