The Danish Central Livestock Register (CHR)

In order to achieve a high trackability in Danish pig production, all Danish livestock populations must be registered with a so-called CHR number in the Danish Central Livestock Register under the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

The register contains information about:

  • Population number (CHR number)
  • Name and telephone number of the user (owners, managers, tenant farmers)
  • The owner's name, address and telephone number
  • Address of the farm unit where the population is and the farm unit number
  • Animal species and use (e.g. slaughter pigs)
  • Average number of animals
  • Name, address and telephone number of veterinary surgeon’s practice attached to the population.

The CHR number is used for all contact between the population and the authorities. With the register, a survey of all pig populations in Denmark is achieved. It thereby becomes easy to localise a population and access information about other populations in the same area. The CHR register can be used in connection with serious disease outbreaks, such as e.g. foot-and-mouth disease, where you can easily stop moving the pigs in a defined area in order to avoid dissemination.

You can find further information about CHR here