Tenderloin steaks with mushroom sauce, potatoes and vegetable salad

By Mette Buch Krarup


For 4
1 pork tenderloin, 425 g
260 g mushrooms
1 onion, 90 g
2 tbsp butter
1 dl cream 9%
1 dl stock
Some chopped parsley
Salt and pepper

Vegetable salad
3 carrots, 190 g
1 Hamburg parsley, 60 g
½ celery
1 parsnip
8 sprouts
200 g kale
3 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 30 g
4 tbsp raisins, 60 g
3 ½ tbsp rapeseed oil
1 tbsp water
3 ½ tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp honey
1 tsp mustard
Salt and pepper

Serving suggestion
660 g potatoes

Approx. 40 mins

Tenderloin with mushrooms and potatoes

1. Remove the sinew from the tenderloin if not removed already.
2. Cut the tenderloin into 2 cm thick steaks.
3. Pat dry with a piece of kitchen towel and season with salt and pepper.
4. Clean the mushrooms and cut into slices.
5. Peel and chop the onion.
6. Boil the potatoes until soft.
7. Heat half the butter in a pan until golden and brown the steaks for 1 minute on each side. Set aside on a plate.
8. Roast the mushrooms for 4-5 mins in a pan.
9. Spinkle with salt and pepper
10. Arrange the mushrooms on the tenderloin steaks
11. Lightly fry the onion for 3-4 minutes using the rest of the butter.
12. Pour the stock and cream over the lightly fried onions and allow to simmer for a couple of minutes.
13. Season with salt and pepper
14. Return the steaks and mushrooms to the pan.
15. Simmer for 5 minutes.
16. Ideally, the steaks should be slightly pink in the middle to give the right juiciness.
17. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Vegetable salad
1. Slice the carrots and parsnip/Hamburg parsley/celery/sprouts into small pieces with a mandoline slicer or coarsely chop.
2. Mix the root vegetables and sprouts with the finely chopped kale, pumpkin seeds and raisins.
3. Whisk the rapeseed oil, water, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper to make a dressing and season well before adding to the salad.


  • Kale: Break the leaves from the stalk and trim away the centre. You can also buy kale ready chopped.
  • You can toast the pumpkin seeds in a dry pan or in the oven. This gives the salad a stronger umami taste.


Energy distribution and contents per portion
(130 g boiled potatoes, 93 g pork tenderloin, 117 g mushroom sauce, 180 g vegetable salad)
Protein 20%
Carbohydrate 36%
Fat 44%
2557 kJ – 612 kcal