Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Maintaining flexi support for agriculture is positive for the green transition

The Danish flexi percentage of 7 per cent of the EU’s agricultural subsidy will be extended until 2022, which will make a positive contribution to the green transition of Denmark’s rural areas.

By and large, this is a continuation of well-established schemes such as the organic land subsidy for grasslands and nature areas and subsidies for mini-wetlands, forestry schemes and targeted environmental regulation. In addition, DKK 200 million will be set aside for environmental technology and DKK 40 million for organic investment support in 2021.

The Rural Development Programme of just over DKK 1.5 million for 2021 will be divided as follows:

  • Environmental technology: DKK 200 million
  • Organic investment support: DKK 40 million
  • Organic land support: DKK 248.2 million
  • Mini wetlands: DKK 240.6 million
  • Management of grasslands and natural areas: DKK 67.3 million
  • Lowland soil: DKK 89.4 million
  • Wetlands (nitrogen): DKK 352.8 million
  • Wetlands (phosporus): DKK 14 million
  • Clearance and preparation for grazing: DKK 25.6 million
  • Forests with biodiversity targets: DKK 16.4 million
  • Private afforestation: DKK 70.0 million
  • Targetted regulation: DKK 190.2 million