Did you know that…?

Sustainability is on the agenda like never before. Farmers, slaughterhouses and the Danish food industry are all intent on ensuring a sustainable transition. What can actually be done to bring about sustainable development? The concept of sustainability can be difficult to understand. The following presents some of the facts.

Did you know that...?

… the Danish food industry has a goal of climate-neutral food production by 2050?

In Denmark, the food industry is working on solutions that not only provide the answer to Danish carbon emissions but can also inspire other countries. Our industry is committed to minimising the impact on the climate, on nature and the environment by developing resource-efficient solutions throughout the entire value chain. Read more about climate neutral food production here 

… the Danish food industry takes a three-dimensional approach to sustainability?

The Danish food industry is focused on social, economic and environmental sustainability. The framework for creating sustainable development should include all three dimensions with the objective of creating positive bottom lines for all three dimensions of positive development. Read more about the three dimensions here   

… today, two pigs are produced with the same environmental impact as one pig was in 1985?

The emission of both nitrogen and phosphorus has been halved for every kg of pig meat produced while the ammonia loss has declined by no less than 73 per cent. Read more about sustainable pig production here 

… the climate impact from pig units can be reduced by practising frequent slurry discharge?

Regular slurry discharge reduces methane emissions from slurry. Read more about how climate impact from pig units can be reduced   

… a 2019 pig, fed on 2019 feed, excretes 31 per cent less nitrogen than if the same pig were to be fed typical feed from the end of the 80s.

This is due to the continuous development in breeding work. Today it is common practice to mix amino acids in pig feed in order to achieve a more balanced feed composition. Read more about breeding work here