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85.000 adults and children get up close with farming

On 16th September, more than 60 Danish farmers opened up their farms to families. Compared to last year, 12,000 more visitors took the opportunity to see what farming is all about. The focus for this year was transparency, consumer information and sustainability.

Despite the rain and wind, 84.922 Danes spent their Sunday at one of the 62 farms taking part in the event. There were 12.000 more visitors and 13 more participating farms compared to 2018.

Adults and children got a chance to see cows, calves, pigs and chickens at close hand. In addition, visitors were allowed to try out the large agricultural machinery and tour the farm in tractors and other farm vehicles.

The main theme of this year’s Open Farm Day was ʻsustainability in agricultureʼ and covered the use of modern technology, the recycling of animal manure to produce biogas and the establishment of mini wetlands to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from drainage water.

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The aim of the event, which is now in its 22nd year, is primarily to create transparency and provide consumer information. The event was clearly a success to judge from the many smiles at the end of the day.

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Open Farm Day is a Danish Agriculture and Food Council initiative.