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New teaching material: Make children more conscious consumers

Danish children from 4th- to 6th grade received new teaching material about animal welfare, which is meant to help them make more conscious decisions at the cold counter. The material has been prepared by the Danish Ministry for Environment and Food in cooperation with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

The teaching materials, consisting of printed books, exercises and movies, sheds light over the different kinds of animal production in Denmark and their production environment. The children learn where their milk, egg and meat is coming from and under which conditions they have been produced.

Animal welfare has long been an important issue in Danish farming and slaughterhouses and is now being communicated to the youngest consumers in the country.

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In the films, Danish actor Sebastian Klein visits farms while telling about animal welfare in Danish stables. The new teaching material also gives answers to relevant questions about animal welfare, as well as providing the children with ethical considerations around the keeping of animals.

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All this information aims to make the students more conscious in their consumption. The children are meant to make their own well- informed decisions about the food they and their parents buy and eat daily.

- For the ministry to take the initiative and make this new teaching material, is for me an expression of children being taken seriously. Of course, the children should know where the food they eat daily comes from, and we as an industry should be ready to show ourselves, listen to and enter into dialogue with these children”, says Karen Hækkerup, CEO of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

 Picture: Karen Hækkerup