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China approves imports of Danish sausage products

Denmark is one of the first countries in the world to sell heat-treated pork to the Chinese: a recognition of the high quality food and safety standards achieved by Danish farmers.

The Chinese authorities have approved imports of heat-treated pork from several Danish companies. The Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) describes the event as nothing less than historic and one which they have been awaiting for many years.

"The day has finally arrived,” said Karen Hækkerup, CEO of DAFC. “The Danish authorities and ourselves have been working hard to achieve this for more than a decade and now the first Danish companies have been approved to export sausages, processed and canned pork to the Chinese. This is a historic day for Danish pig production.”

Denmark already exports frozen pig meat and by-products to China and DAFC estimates that the new agreement will be worth DKK 250 million in annual export revenue.

"There may even be greater potential in the long-run once the Chinese become aware of Danish food products. The high quality food and safety standards of our farmers and slaughterhouses have secured Denmark a place among the first countries in the world able to sell heat-treated pork to the Chinese,” adds Karen Hækkerup.