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Source: DANMAP 2017

New report Danish agriculture has a low level of antibiotic consumption

Denmark has a low level of antibiotic consumption in livestock production compared to other European countries with largescale pig production. This is revealed in a new report from the European Medicines Agency.

The report, which compares 30 European countries’ consumption over the period 2010 - 2017, shows that Danish farmers have reduced antibiotic consumption in livestock production. Consumption has been reduced by no less than 14 per cent over the period in terms of milligrams used per kilogram of animal produced.

"If we compare the ten countries in Europe with the largest pig production, Denmark is at the forefront,” says Erik Larsen, Chairman, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Pig Production.

"For many years, Danish farmers have been adept at reducing antibiotic consumption in their pig production. We also have a very low consumption of critically important antibiotics. This is due, in particular, to stronger focus and a committed effort by Danish pig producers and veterinarians.”

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