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Denmark hosts international animal welfare conference

Some three hundred scientists from across the world came together for two days to discuss new research into the understanding of animal behaviour.

"Understanding animal behaviour” was the main theme of the 51st ISAE (International Society for Applied Ethology) conference that took place in August at Aarhus University with SEGES as the main sponsor.

SEGES has a particular interest in the topic:
"It is crucial for Danish livestock production that Denmark has a university like Aarhus with a world-leading department for Applied Ethology," said Christian Fink Hansen, Direction of SEGES Pig in his opening address.

A wide range of subjects and scientific results were presented and discussed at the conference, including animal cognition, senses and learning and how these impact on the interaction between humans and animals. Moreover, new methods for analysing and understanding animals’ social behaviour and stress reactions through new technologies were introduced.

”Understanding animal behaviour is essential for improving animal welfare,” said Christian Fink Hansen. “This is something that we all want, but it’s important for us that it not only applies to a few animals, but to animals within a wider perspective.”