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Under the spell of Danish pork

In a bid to halt the decline of pork consumption among young Danes between the ages of 20 and 35, a campaign by the name of ”The Magic Pig” has been launched by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. Its aim is to encourage young people to include pork in their cooking and to open their eyes to its versatility.

The focal point is ”The Magic Pig” app, which is packed with delicious and inspirational recipes featuring pork. The concept has captured the imagination of users of social media and has drawn in crowds at various 'foodie' events throughout Denmark.

”Last year, the campaign reached out to 1.4 million Facebook users and was present at three events. We’ve also become involved in blogging, which has helped to bring pork to the attention of our target group. Our collaboration with two online retailers is also encouraging young people to visit their websites, use the app and make a purchase,” says Project Manager Vickie Enné Ryge from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

More transparency
The campaign also aims to bring young consumers closer to primary production by introducing Danish pig farmers to the army of Facebook fans. The farmers have even shared their favourite pork recipes – an initiative that has attracted 136,000 Facebook users and generated 1,200 comments, likes and shares.
The Magic Pig campaign is all about communicating the versatility and convenience of pork – both as an everyday meal and for special occasions. Consumers can get so much more out of pork than they realise. This year, the plan is to increase collaboration with retailers and to broaden the presence of the Magic Pig in the digital area.

Although the Magic Pig universe is in Danish, if you’re interested in getting a feel of what it’s all about visit https://www.facebook.com/Denmagiskegris/.