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More offal on the menu!

Pork sausages: made using meat from the shoulder, liver, blood, wild garlic and homemade rusk.

Liver, heart, kidneys and tongue are all part of Project Offal that is currently being championed by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC). The project is financed by public funds and is intended to increase the amount of offal the Danes currently consume.

”The message is that offal is a sustainable solution because the whole carcass is used,” says DAFC’s Andreas Buchhave Jensen. ”Greater demand will increase its value and by trying out new taste experiences, Danes will expand their food horizon. What’s more, offal is healthy.”

That these messages are getting through was confirmed by the presence of Denmark’s national TV at DAFC’s recent offal workshop. The recording will be used in a TV programme during the summer.

Some eight leading chefs attended the workshop, who between them developed some offal-based recipes. These were then discussed and analysed for their consumer appeal.

The eight chefs were Bo Jacobsen (Restaurationen), Vivi Schou (Babette), Dak Ladaporn (Kiin Kiin), Mikkel Karstad (WeYouTheyAte.com), Michael Museth (Folkets Madhus), Peter Steen (Gourmandiet), Alexander Sjøstrøm (Average Foodtruck), and Irina Bothmann (Rub & Stub).

”Yes, offal is clearly a trend at Denmark’s leading restaurants. The chefs are very enthusiastic about it because it offers something new in terms of preparation and taste and it also generates quite a lot of publicity. Offal is also sustainable,” says Andreas Buchhave Jensen.