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6. Tribute to bacon

Bacon lovers across the world celebrated International Bacon Day on 5th September.

International Bacon Day was first celebrated in the US in the year 2000 and has been marked each year since, during the first week in September.

This important day in the food lovers’ calendar was given full backing by the media, who were keen to suggest appropriate gifts for bacon lovers to give one another. The Telegraph suggested that ladies might appreciate a bottle of ‘Eau de Bacon’ and enjoy an early evening ‘Bacon Cocktail’.

The irresistible aroma of ‘Eau de Bacon’

The International Business Times suggested Bacon Shaving Cream for gentlemen ….and some bacon condoms, manufactured by J&D Foods.

Something for the weekend …...

There were plenty of helpful suggestions of where to go to enjoy the ultimate ‘bacon buttie’ – in LondonManchester and Edinburgh.

Oscar Meyer did their bit to bring like-minded couples together by launching 'Sizzl', a bacon lovers’ App.

So there was plenty to chew over on International Bacon Day …...

But to end on a serious note, Danepak recently launched an on online forum, the 'Serious Bacon Club' for bacon lovers to indulge their fantasies about their favourite treat.

If you think we’re joking, click on this link.

Seriously though …..