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3. Pulling power

BPEX has launched a marketing campaign which aims to rejuvenate the image of pork among younger consumers by encouraging them to cook ‘pulled pork’ at home.

Research shows that younger consumers eat less pork and often experience difficulties in cooking more familiar pork products, ending up with rather dry and tasteless meat. They do not feel they hear enough about pork compared to beef, lamb and chicken.

However, ‘pulled pork’ has never been more popular or fashionable and this follows its wide take-up in the foodservice sector in recent years.

The BPEX campaign therefore aims to change the overall perceptions of pork and sell more pork shoulder via a strong call to action to try pulled pork at home. If successful, the campaign will expand sales and pave the way for increased use of other pork cuts in the future.

TV, online and promotional campaign
“Turn the oven down low and achieve lazy…” is the message consumers will hear in the new BPEX television advertisement. The 'Achieve Lazy' spots show how easy slow-cooked pork is to cook and prepare and that it provides a delicious family meal. The ads follow the ‘Watson family’ as they find ingenious ways to relax thanks to the pork shoulder joint they have slow cooking in the oven.

Still from ‘Achieve Lazy’ TV ad.

Tom Kerridge – ambassador for ‘pulled pork’ campaign

Michelin-starred TV chef Tom Kerridge is acting as a spokesperson for the campaign and has produced a series of special pulled pork recipes – available on the 'LovePork' website.

Other activity will include a Facebook competition, a tie-up with leading YouTube star, Barry Lewis (‘My

Virgin Kitchen’) and partnerships Netmums and a range of top food bloggers.

BPEX has also worked closely with major processors and retailers to develop in store activity to support the campaign. Approximately 1.3 million “Perfect for Pulled Pork” stickers will appear on packs of pork shoulder during the campaign and retailers are supporting the campaign with their own marketing and social media activity. The 'Ladies in Pigs' demonstration team will also be supporting the campaign in tie-ups with a number of supermarket outlets.

Building sales of pork shoulder

Kirsty Walker, BPEX head of marketing, said: “The idea behind the advert is to demonstrate that pulled pork is a delicious dish which takes zero effort to prepare.

“Sundays are busy days for families, therefore we think a tasty, zero-effort family meal like pulled pork will be well-received. Once consumers have been persuaded to give pulled pork a try, we’re sure they will appreciate its wonderful flavour, succulence and the freedom the six hour cooking time gives them on their Sundays. As a result, we aim to drive renewed interest in fresh pork, in particular pork shoulder joints which are currently under-utilised in the domestic market. This, in turn, will benefit the profitability and sustainability of the entire supply chain.”