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6. Bacon bits

Despite the occasional negative headline, bacon remains a source of incurable fascination for many media pundits.

What’s the nation’s favourite sandwich?

UK favourite?

What’s behind the wonderful aroma of cooking bacon?

It’s 150 organic compounds, according to the Daily Mail – but, as the Express tells us, it certainly cheers up the guys.

There’s no end of advice on how to prepare and serve the ’perfect bacon buttie’ – and especially on International Bacon Day.

So put on that bacon-scented T-shirt and enjoy a few bottles of bacon ale as a night-cap and then rest your weary head on a bacon-scented pillow.

Wake up the following morning to the irresistible smell of 'you know what'.

Will bacon prove an election winner on 7th May ….probably not.


Vote Winner?


But for those celebrating victory or drowning sorrows after the votes are counted, guess what will provide the perfect 'hangover cure' the morning after.

….and bacon for a longer life …well, a happier one at least.