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6. Bragging rights at last

In recent years, we Brits have become used to our Danish colleagues outdoing us in many areas of modern life – apparently they’re much happier and trustworthier than we are – not to mention all those wonderful TV dramas. Finally we’ve got something to crow about...

The Danes may be world champs as far as 'happiness' and 'trustworthiness' is concerned.

They are also regular providers of one of the 'essential ingredients' for making British babies.

But they lag well behind us in their seduction skills.

According to the Guardian, ‘British’ is confirmed as the world’s sexiest accent and earned a well-deserved first place in theTime Out Global Dating Survey.

Scandinavians achieved a very lowly 10th place – in fact, one female respondent in Copenhagen said “Dating feels like a job interview”.


British is best