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Global outlook

The latest forecasts for the global meat trade suggest higher pig production among most of the key players but prospects for higher prices in the second half of 2013 still remain good.

The USDA Livestock and Poultry World Makets and Trade Report predicted that global pork production would rise to a record 107.4 million tonnes in 2013, with increases recorded in all of the major importers (China, Japan, Mexico, Russia) and exporters (Brazil, Canada, US). The exception will be the EU, where production will decline following the introduction of the new pig welfare regulations banning the use of sow stalls. Demand in most of the major producing and consuming countries will also increase.

The Rabobank Pork Quarterly Report broadly agreed with this assessment and predicted an improvement in prices in the second half of the year, with reduced availability of EU supplies for export being a key factor.