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Feeding frenzy ...

There was significant media interest in the decision taken by Tesco and other major supermarkets to allow the use of GM feed in poultry raised by their suppliers. GM continued its 'rehabilitation', as the government’s chief scientific adviser stressed the vital role of GM in meeting the future challenges of satisfying burgeoning global food demands ... and the imminent arrival of 'Pig 26' was announced.

The decision by Tesco and most of the other major supermarkets to allow the use of GM ingredients in the diets of poultry used to supply its chicken and eggs was widely covered in the media. Unsurprisingly, the move was bitterly opposed by the Soil Association and other NGO groups. Here is a selection of the media reports:

The increasing use of GM in the human food chain was given further endorsement, following a statement by the newly appointed Chief Government Scientist, Mark Walport, who saw GM technology as playing a vital role in meeting the future food demands of a rapidly expanding global population:

The final GM story of recent weeks was news that a scientific team at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh were hopeful of producing a 'disease resistant' pig, using new 'gene-editing' technologies.

'Pig 26' is the planned successor of 'Dolly the Sheep', who arrived at Roslin 17 years ago.