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Danish supplies

Pig slaughtering in Denmark fell during the first quarter of 2013, although there was evidence that export of live pigs, especially weaners, had begun to stabilise.

Pig slaughtering in Denmark fell below the 5m mark during the first quarter of 2013, representing a drop of 8% on the previous year.

  2011   2012  2013 
 Pig slaughterings (m.head)   5.57  5.21 4.78 

Weaner exports continued to grow strongly in the early weeks of 2013, but fell back during the last few weeks of March. The total export of live pigs, predominantly weaners for finishing in Germany and Poland, reached 2.37 million head during the first quarter, a similar figure to 2012.

  2011   2012  2013 
 Live pig exports (m.head)     2.16  2.38 2.37 

The prospect of increased investment in the building of new pig finishing capacity in Denmark received a boost recently, with an announcement that the Danish government are to allocate a budget of DKK 150m (£17m) to support the building of new, environmentally friendly pig housing. More details will be available shortly.