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2013 compliance

Compassion in World Farming took up the cudgels in June to highlight non-compliance with the new EU pig welfare regulations in Ireland, Italy and Spain. BPEX continued to bang the drum for the home industry, urging consumers to 'give a fork about your pork'.

Some months ago, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) launched a campaign, ‘Project Pig’, to lobby for enforcement of the new EU pig welfare regulations across Europe. By the middle of June, CIWF announced that the campaign had attracted 100,000 signatures from those offering support.

CIWF recently released film footage of welfare ‘abuses’ in IrelandItaly and Spain.



BPEX launched the second wave of their 'Give a fork about your pork' campaign during June, including TV advertising and use of social media and a '4onDemand' microsite, in association with Channel 4.
Campaign front man, Jimmy Doherty, also launched his search for 5 'Hambassadors' to help support the industry.