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Moderation in all things

More advice for us to ‘moderate’ our meat consumption… as ‘the world’s most expensive burger’ hits town.

A new government report recommends that people should ‘moderate’ their meat consumption in the interests of health and the environment. The report represents further work under the DEFRA sponsored ‘Green Food Project’.

The report assembles opinions from a wide range of stakeholders from the food industry, NGOs and academia and considers how diet and consumption affects the ‘sustainability’ of our current food system. The report will be put out to further consultation.  

Meat industry interests will be keen to highlight that UK meat consumption is already ‘moderate’ by European standards – just under 70kg per capita per annum, compared to an EU average of over 80kg. In addition, many sub-groups of the population suffer deficiencies of nutrients, such as iron, for which red meat is an invaluable source. Thus, a general recommendation to moderate meat consumptions may have implications for public health.

Media frenzy greeted the recent tasting of a 5oz burger created from ‘bovine stem cells’ in a laboratory by Dutch scientists – at a cost of £220,000.

The scientists said that while they had a lot more homework to do on their product – synthetic meat may represent a solution for future generations to enjoy the taste of meat with a product produced in a far more sustainable manner… we’ll see!

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