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'Save our bacon'

This was the ‘call to action’ to British retailers and consumers, as the National Pig Association campaign gathered momentum during August, suggesting that domestic production could fall by 10% if farmers had to continue producing pigs well below the cost of production.

The National Pig Association (NPA) launched a major campaign in August to highlight the deteriorating position of British pig farmers, following the rapid escalation in feed prices, which, as yet, shows no sign of abating.

The 'Save Our Bacon' campaign urged consumers to show support for the industry by ‘Buying British’ and retailers to acknowledge the risk that domestic production could fall by up to 10% if farmers did not receive a fair price. The current price paid for pigs is around 150p per kg, compared to average ‘cost of production’ in excess of 170p per kg. Although pig prices have moved ahead strongly in the Eurozone in recent weeks, the weakness of the Euro has held back price increases for UK producers.

The campaign received significant and, mainly, sympathetic coverage in the national media:

Daily Mail Daily Telegraph Daily Mirror Guardian

Although Danish producers are experiencing similar cost pressures, the fact that many farmers produce significant quantities of their own feed serves to ameliorate their position.