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'Meanwhile back in Denmark...'

The July census indicated stable pig numbers in Denmark but the strong demand for Danish weaners in Germany and Poland continued to restrict the availability of pigs for domestic slaughter.

The July pig census in Denmark showed a small decline in pig numbers, mainly accounted for by the drop in sow numbers. Although prices moved up strongly during August, mainly due to reduced pig numbers and the weakening of the Danish Kroner, the outlook for supplies for the remainder of 2012 and beyond will depend on the number of producers choosing to cease production, rather than make the necessary investments to ensure compliance with the new EU welfare rules applying from January 2013.

Source: Danmarks Statistik

Exports of weaners, primarily to the German and Polish markets, surged again in the first half of 2012, which resulted in a drop in the availability of pigs for slaughter within Denmark, which fell by around 8% in the January to July period.

Source: Danmarks Statistik