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GM safety questioned

A recent French study raised doubts about the safety of GM foods. Its results were widely questioned by others in the scientific community.

Recently published research by the University of Caen in Northern France linked the incidence of cancerous tumours in rats to consumption of GM corn over a prolonged period. The results of the research were widely discussed in the media and renewed controversy about the possible longer term effects of the presence of GM ingredients in the human diet.

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The validity of the study was, however, widely questioned not just by interests representing the biotechnology industry but other independent experts, one of whom described it as “a statistical fishing trip”. It was claimed that this latest research did nothing to undermine other research in this area, which had suggested little or no risk from diets including GM foods.

Not only was the limited scope of the study called into question but it was also pointed out that the professor leading the research (Gilles-Eric Seralini) was an avowed opponent of GM technology.

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