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Empty shelves?

The media gave great prominence to the NPA campaigning efforts, which forecast a rapidly shrinking supply of pigs and possible shortages of pork and bacon as we move into 2013.

The NPA ‘Save Our Bacon’ campaign moved into overdrive during September, forecasting a rapid decline in supplies of pork and bacon, unless prices moved up rapidly to reflect producers’ costs of production. These had increased dramatically in recent months as a result of high feed prices. The situation would be further exacerbated by many pig producers across Europe choosing to quit production rather than make the necessary investments to comply with the new EU pig welfare rules, due to come into force on 1st January 2013.

An NPA press release highlighted the latest EU statistics from May/June, which suggested that sow breeding numbers were now in decline in most EU Member States. The release was picked up widely in the trade and national and local press, with dramatic headlines forecasting shortages of pork and bacon in the months to come.

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The story was also carried on a CNN news bulletin.

A recent report from Rabobank also suggested a tight EU pig supply would result in high pork prices well into 2014.