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Bad for health...and the planet

The meat industry found itself in the media spotlight again as a new study suggested that lower consumption of meat would bring both public health and environmental benefits.

New research published in the British Medical Journal suggested that reduction in consumption of both red meat and processed meats could result in health improvements as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The report was produced by the Institute of Health at Cambridge University, and its calculations were based on doubling the number of vegetarians in the UK population and all other meat eaters reducing consumption to be in line with that of the lowest fifth of the population.

Their analysis, which was widely reported in the media, suggested that this would significantly reduce incidence of bowel cancers, diabetes and heart disease and would reduce CO2 emissions by 28 million tonnes.

The Scotsman

Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail

The meat industry position remains that lean meat is a valuable source of protein, vitamins and minerals and, when consumed in moderation, plays an important part in a balanced diet.

All responsible meat producers have already taken significant steps in reducing their environmental impact and are committed to embracing more sustainable production methods in future. In Denmark, two pigs today are produced with the same environmental impact of just a single pig in 1985 and the industry is committed to making further reductions in its CO2 emissions in the years ahead.